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“The Fatal Flaw With Democracy”

7 November 2014

“The Fatal Flaw With Democracy”

I’ve only glanced at this because it looks to be a painful read. Unfortunately, I fear it sums up the country I now call USA Inc. a place run by Billionaires United.

There are times when I wish I did drugs.


Auction American Style

18 October 2014

“Purchase of Election by Chevron Shows We Have ‘Oligarchy, Not Democracy': Sanders”

I really liked America better when it at least allowed the illusion of a representative government.


A Rare Answer

11 August 2014

I have nothing but awed praise for blogger Andrew W. K.’s answer to this letter.

“Ask Andrew W.K.: My Dad Is a Right-Wing Asshole”

And I also got from this a new term for black/white. either/or thinking: binary thinking.


Bang Bang! Kiss Off

14 May 2013

I’m not anti-gun, but I do wish our government represented us rather than the gun lobby, something that’s just not so anymore. This list merely tracks one particular lobby.

I liked it better when I harbored a shred of belief that our representatives actually represented the rank and file of their states. Alas, not so.

Having “our” representatives wear NASCAR-type patches to indicate who bought them sounds better and better to me.


Look! A Unicorn!!

12 April 2013

With each day, I grow more convinced Elizabeth Warren is rarer than a unicorn. Do we actually have a responsible, citizen-oriented politician?

“Sigh. Elizabeth Warren Embarrasses Some Bank Regulators To Their Faces. Again”

Can we have her cloned?


North Carolina: Last Panting Gasps?

7 April 2013

For quite a while now, many viewed North Carolina favorably as a state that honored the arts and culture in general. That changed when Republicans gained control of North Carolina’s government in 2012. Now, their legislators are pumping out a frenzy of laws that may well strike even many conservatives as over the top.

Addicting Info just posted a good intro article: “Carolina? Another New Worthless Bill”

While I don’t know the specific make-up of the members of the legislature in North Carolina, I wonder if this flurry reflects a certain end stage frenzy, the last panting gasps of a specific segment of the population, those traditionalists so infuriated by the social changes in the United States over the last few decades that they will give up any pretense of fairness in their attempts to legislate into existence their vision of the Real America.

This strikes me as a more dangerous version of stories I’ve read of the Ghost Dances of the defeated, reservation-bound Native Americans of the late 19th Century.


GOP Talking Point Decoder

7 April 2013

I wish I disagreed with the “funny” definitions on the poster that comes up if you click the link below. Unfortunately, they strike me as being spot on.

GOP Talking Point Decoder.

On a related note, I was thinking how nice it is that I no longer have to travel to Africa or anywhere else to explore places that look a lot like autocratic Third World countries. Nice of these places to come to me.

Elitistly yours,


When Dreams Die, Nightmares Arise?

3 April 2013

This article from the UK newspaper The Independent carries a muddle of information on beliefs in the United States, but it provides some evidence of the number of Americans who have negligible knowledge of how to evaluate sources or perform adequate research.

“Obama the Antichrist? Global Warming a Myth? Lizard People Controlling the World? New Conspiracy Theory Research Reveals the Bizarre Beliefs Prevalent in the United States”

Oh, well. If nothing else, the United States now has a high enough population of ninnies to provide other parts of the world with a good laugh.


Battle Cognitive Dissonance–Practice the Scientific Method

20 March 2013

These few, succinct sentences appeared on Upworthy.

Scientists resist change too, of course. Conventional wisdom looks sooooo correct until that moment when it becomes completely indefensible.


Politicians: Stupid or Merely Insane (and Stupid)?

4 March 2013

Here in Colorado, Democratic governor Hickenlooper drank what he was told was fracking fluid.

That, I thought, was proof enough of the state of American politics.

Now I read this: “Washington State Rep. Ed Orcutt Claims Bicyclists Produce More Pollution Than Motorists”

As if I needed more proof that almost no one does any research.



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