Handbasket Report

Since my ankle injury means I can sit at the computer for only a few moments, here’s a update on our journey down the slope to collapse.

Our infrastructure is collapsing and we’ve no money to fix it.

Got food?

The negative feedback loop continues.

We’re not alone.

That’s all I can take for now. Add your handbasket links below.



2 Responses to “Handbasket Report”

  1. uncommonscolds Says:

    The _Banking Times_ of the UK suggests financial doom: “Central Bank Body Warns of Great Depression.”

    And then there’s this little charmer on _Science Daily_ on permafrost. Not so permafrost?

    Is it my imagination of has the handbasket started to skid rather than move inch by inch. It’s seeming a lot warmer these days.

    Oh well. Hell, global warming–what’s the difference?


  2. uncommonscolds Says:


    Sybil just emailed a UK _Evening Standard_ article entitled “Gridlocked Cities, Empty Shelves and Bloodshed As Fury at Soaring Costs Spreads around the World.”

    Of the reader responses to this article, I found my thoughts to be much the same as those posted by Joe Redd.

    The handbasket is already smoldering.


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