Freedom’s Just Another Word

…for nothing left to say,” indicates Maureen Down in an editorial in the NY Times this date.  She noted in her opening graphs for the op-ed piece that the Euros (especially the French) are soooooo over GW Bush, and have already annointed Obama as the new Commander in Chief.  I particulary enjoyed a few lines of her piece, to wit:

The word “elite” is not a pejorative here; it’s a compliment. It does not occur to Parisians that Americans will choose the old, white-haired one if they can have the cool, skinny one with the Ray-Bans, John le Carré novels, chic wife and secret cigarettes.


In Old Europe, they’ve moved on, assuming that the American president has done all the damage that he can do. The blazing hostility toward W. has faded to indifference and a sort of fatigued perplexity about how les imbeciles de regime cowboy got into office, and how America could have put the world through all this craziness.

All that (and more–go to if you have a NY Times online sub) being said, my hair roots continue itching.  It ain’t over until it’s over, and, like the receding waters of the Cedar River, the detritus, poison, and threats to health and harmony engendered by le Bush et al. will linger long after the mud dries.  And though in the next regime (assuming Obama) we and the power wielders in high places will not have to endure jaunty observances like, “Your Eminence, you’re looking good” (to the Pope), we have endured eight years of plutocracy and cronyism whose outcomes will reverberate for generations.

On my way to work this a.m. (I drove, sigh), I remembered, again, growing up in li’l old Denver when the skies over the Rockies shone brilliant blue and one could breathe without sneezing.  Not merely a childhood experience, but the truth.  And I breathed a prayer of thanks to all the gods I do and do not believe in that I had the great good fortune to have experienced a couple of decades of camping and being able to drink the water, hiking and not worrying about an unlocked car in the parking lot, walking after midnight without fear of muggers, and on ad nauseum.  Though the downfall of Western Civilization can’t be laid solely at Bush’s feet, the legacy of abuse and misuse will certainly kill us all.  Oh well–we are going to die anyway, right?  Heard recently, “On the road to Armageddon, I’ll pick you up and we can chew on veggie wraps as we carpool in our Prius to meet infinity.”



One Response to “Freedom’s Just Another Word”

  1. Sybil Says:

    I’ve always wondered what it must have been like to grow up in a time of hope. Reagan shaped the society of my youth and I spent years feeling insane. Perhaps that’s why I have so little patience with climate change deniers and radical capitalists.

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