Not so dry facts


# One corn plant needs 54 gallons per season.
# One milk cow needs 5,475 gallons per year.
# One horse needs 3,650 gallons per year.
# One hog needs 1,500 gallons per year.
# One acre of sugar beets needs 651,702 gallons per season
# One acre of alfalfa needs 488,776 gallons per season.
# One human being in a municipality needs 54,750 gallons per year.
(But this includes average city uses including industrial, commercial, fire fighting, etc.)
# One human being in the country needs 12,000 gallons per year.



2 Responses to “Not so dry facts”

  1. Sybil Says:

    So? Doesn’t Iowa have enough water to grow our corn? Sheesh. You people are never happy.

    Are you one of those global warming advocates? Well, heat makes steam and the air will spread it out so it’ll rain in more places. Go tell Algore his evil plan failed!!!

    (I tried to do the spelling and punctuation errors, but couldn’t hack it.)

    We need to grow millet and chickpeas.

  2. Jeremiah Says:

    Sybil took the words out of my mouth. Water water everywhere…problem is it’s polluted as all hell. Today’s AP feature on the toxicity of the Cedar River is sobering (or, could be it makes me want a bourbon and branch). Note, also that the Mississippi is rising again. Where I work, our programs address the issues of “too much, too little, or the wrong kind of fire.” Guess we could take on the same with water. Fire or ice…as Frost says, either will do.

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