The Handbasket Report

Looks like we just pulled the “Advance to Go” card.

We keep misunderestimating climate change.

Get your tickets now for the global stock and credit crash.

The Four Horsemen want supper. Add your disasters to the basket below.

(Hat tips to The Automatic Earth and The Project for PostApocology.)


2 Responses to “The Handbasket Report”

  1. uncommonscolds Says:

    I’ll add this one: “Exams Show Torture of U.S.-held Detainees-Report.”


  2. uncommonscolds Says:

    Heard on the street: the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR), according to a co-worker whose spouse is employed as a climate scientist at NCAR, is scrambling. Her comment over lunch yesterday was that “they’re running as fast as they can to develop newer, faster algorithms that can quantify and project more accurately the SPEED at which the global climate situation is deteriorating. Noted by myownself this a.m. as I headed to work through the high 90-degree heat and haze, my niece and her husband are expecting their first child in the fall. What on EARTH were they thinking?

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