Marry Me, Maureen Dowd

Brilliant opinion piece in today’s New York Times by Maureen Dowd.  Among the best lines is her closer: 

If there’s one thing W. and Cheney have proved, beyond a sliver of a shadow of a doubt, it’s that at least two white-guy Methodists are not capable of self-government.

Sad news here:

the historian Simon Schama did not repeat his 2006 assessment that the president was an “absolute [expletive] catastrophe” or his analysis that long before Mr. Bush’s militant missionary work in the Middle East, Europe had regarded the moral rhetoric of America as a cover for self-interest.

To enjoy Dowd’s liberal use of words like poodle, warmonger, pit bull, the “Colgate Moment” and more, click on

Scolds, ’tis good to laugh.



2 Responses to “Marry Me, Maureen Dowd”

  1. Mo MoDo Says:

    It was a good column full of zingers. I liked the comparisons to Jeeves.

  2. Cassandra Says:

    And I especially liked “Torquemada Cheney.”


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