Favorite Authors, Favorite Lines–June 23, 2008

Here’s mine for the day, probably the week.

From “Company Policy” by the inimitable Lewis Lapham in the July 2008 issue of Harper’s

The estimated cost of entertaining the president with a fireworks display in the romantic Mesopotamian desert now stands at $600 billion, a seizure of the prople’s property on a scale undreamed of even by the splendid Charles I.

Lapham goes on to detail how the revised military enlistment contract now requires soldiers who sign up in time of war to agree to serve for “the duration of the war and for six months after its end.”

I sort of blurred out at this point, thinking of our now permanent “war on terrorism” and envisioning skeletons standing in neat lines, locked in eternal salutes. After that, I felt an immediate need to post. And now, since I haven’t yet finished the article, back to reading.



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