News(week) Flash!! Global Warming Exists!!

In their Global Literacy 2008 quiz, Newsweek has this True/False question:

“Global Warming Is a Cause of This Year’s Extreme Weather”

And guess what! This mainstream American magazine says it’s TRUE!

Well, duh. But I suppose it’s nice that people are finally starting to notice.

Still, I feel like the frog in the frying pan has just looked around and discovered that it’s frogs’ legs for dinner.



2 Responses to “News(week) Flash!! Global Warming Exists!!”

  1. Sybil Says:

    Yeah, the other frogs are noticing. But like a drowning swimmer, they’re taking us down with them.

  2. uncommonscolds Says:

    We’re mixing metaphors and similes, fellow scolds. So, I’ll add a third opinion and visual: (apologies if you’ve already heard this one from me) “We’re eating organic salads and drinking shade-grown coffee while driving the Prius in the carpool lane, singing protest songs on the way to Armageddon.” The drive USED to be a pretty one…but have you noticed the smog?
    From Jeremiah

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