Daily Scold — Book Review

I just read a review of The Bridge at the Edge of the World by James Gustave Speth. Short summary of book: Unless we act RIGHT NOW, humanity is doomed.

Old news. But what did surprise me a bit was the site where I read the review: Bloomberg.com

Click the link: Planet Earth Burns, Mankind Pays for Its Ecological Sins: Books

Those of us who’ve been preaching doom for some time may find little new here, but it’s nice to know that some people fretting solely about financial collapse might now add worries about humanity’s collapse to their Doomsday list.

Have a nice day.



One Response to “Daily Scold — Book Review”

  1. Sybil Says:

    Update from Sybil, deep in the cave-

    Everyone’s moving through a fog of confusion and they like it that way. Wir sind sehr aufgefuckt. Get your chairs for the show because there’s no hero in a white hat that can move these folks beyond the anal stage.

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