Que Sarah, Sarah?

Who the hell is Sarah Palin anyway?

The MSM has given us a lot to choose from here: down home charmer, religious zealot, anti-feminist, superwoman, pure-at-heart-reformer, fashionista, flirt, ignorant hick, and so on.

Given my fondness for reading and rationality, I’m most incensed by her proud, often incoherent ignorance:

“Palin Can’t Name Any Man-Made Causes of Global Warming”

“Palin Tells Kids the Vice President ‘Runs’ Senate”

Since she’s repeating errors made early on, we can, I suppose, only deduce she’s even less curious about the world–the real world–than George Bush is.  And she makes even less sense: “Diagramming Sarah”

But I’m now braced for her senseless muttering, so it was the stupidity of her fashionista shopping spree that stunned me.  I should have seen it coming.  After all, she was a beauty queen.  And those expensive eyeglass frames were all over the MSM.  Certainly her GOP handlers should have seen this coming and barred the door.  But they didn’t.

So she spent something like 150k on clothes.  I smiled when I read this.  Looks like she’s no Pat Nixon in a plain cloth coat.

I hope I’ll sleep well tonight, dreaming of how this social gaff may well sour many of those who twittered positively about Sarah Sixpack.  Maybe I’ll dream of Sarah 1787 Chateau Lafite.

T.J. would probably like that dream.

In any event, I hope the spending spree will override my memory of Mark Greif’s litcrit commentary from November’s Harper’s.  In “Death and the Maiden” {subscription) Greif describes Palin as “indomitable,” “willing to sacrifice  each one of her children for her beliefs.”  Instead of loving motherhood, his image is of “blood and suffering.”  To him, “Her rude health is her means of service; above her hovers the spirit, the absent McCain, whose vaporous deathstruck presence, lost in the past has returned to shepherd all these sacrificial lambs.” Wonderfully creepy little piece.

So I now long for November 5, when–if the US populace has a shred of sense left–I will be able to go back to worrying about Argentina’s nationalization of private pension plans and global warming.



2 Responses to “Que Sarah, Sarah?”

  1. Sybil Says:

    I spoke this morning with a woman who had mentioned she planned to vote for McCain/ Palin. I asked if she could imagine spending 150k on clothes.

    She said she’d already voted early by mail and was no longer paying attention to all the negativity.

    Why do I want to throttle her?


  2. Sybil Says:

    Forgot to mention I loved your post.

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