Handbasket Report — On Wheels

Remember that scene at the end of Thelma and Louise where their 1964 blue Thunderbird sails off the cliff? Anybody else seeing that airborne car as representative of the whole American auto industry?

Of course, the actual Thunderbird from the movie survived to be auctioned off. So will there be an auction/buyout/bailout to save the US car industry? Should there be?

I say no because, no matter what anyone does, I’m not seeing a 2016 Silverado in anyone’s future. I feel for the millions who’ll be out of work when the industry collapses. I feel for me and all the others who are only remotely connected to the industry. Hey, this is America and ALL of us are at least remotely tied to the auto industry. It ain’t lookin’ good. It ain’t lookin’ good AT ALL.

But suck times–sometimes typos are happy accidents– require an assessment of reality and tough, unpopular decisions. In this case, it strikes me that saving the industry would require a Hollywood stunt. And our government may have play money and fancy sets but it isn’t Hollywood. Reality is going to rule here, as it tends to do. And in reality that Thunderbird would be an unrecognizable heap at the bottom of that cliff.

At least I’m not alone is this dismal call to action. Here’s a snippet of llargi’s Nov. 11 post at The Automaticearth:

I sincerely hope, for Obama and for the nation . . . will end up in letting GM follow in the steps of the dino and the dodo. The “not on my watch” theme forces the demise of GM -and probably Chrysler- to take place in between presidencies. Now is that time. Obama cannot carry GM on his back for four years. He needs to deflect the blame for the bankruptcy. Now is the time. Yes you can.

Yes you can. The sooner the better. Hit the throttle HARD and hang on, because this is going to HURT. [Insert screams and a loud SPLAT right here.] Get the agony over and start looking for salvage. Yes you can.

RIP American car industry. I thought you were foolish and greedy in 1980. I thought you were blithering stupid thereafter.

But profits dictate company direction. Big profits, big SUVs, BIG trucks.

And then the road ran out.



One Response to “Handbasket Report — On Wheels”

  1. Sybil Says:

    Greased wheels.

    On the other hand, without cars we won’t need to maintain roads. What? We’ve already passed on that?

    Does anyone out there see any positive economic data coming? I’m trying to destroy my thesis and can’t even get enough positivity for a footnote.

    Hunker down.

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