Global Cooling

I keep reading posts and editorials from people who say that the past couple of years indicate the earth is not warming and is in fact cooling. These folks are, I guess, examples of a typical American hostility towards history, research, and perhaps sense.

Here’s a list of the EARTH’S TOP 10 WARMEST YEARS

1- 2005
2 – 1998
3 – 2002
4- 2003
5 – 2007
6 – 2006
7 – 2004
8 – 2001
9 – 1997

(Since 1880)
(Source: National Climatic Data Center)

Hey, 2007 was only the fifth warmest. Global cooling for sure.



7 Responses to “Global Cooling”

  1. SYbil Says:

    I’m particularly fond of encountering the following types of statements. (Full disclosure: Each statement represents a specific example read on the local news website. I have corrected for spelling and random capitalization, but not willful stupidity.)

    Another snowstorm. Someone better tell Algore!

    Ha! Snow! So much for those global warming communists.

    It’s snowing despite all the hot air from the climate change whiners. Idiots.

    Ah well, I just can’t compete with the real thing. My memory always tones down the idiocy. These next snippets are all real, and from people I may well be passing in the street.

    What a crock. Most of these skiers are environMENTAL wackos so they should stop driving their SUV’s up to the mountains and polluting the air. The should just stay in their homes with no electricity and wring their hands, the only thing they are expert at.

    Hey bonehead– Look outside already!

    This last is my daily favorite. Take the time to read the whole thing.

    “Dr. Mark Williams, Fellow at the Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research Professor of Geography, at the University of Colorado, received his Ph.D in Biological Sciences with an emphasis in ecology from the University of California at Santa Barbara in 1991. He is also on the core faculty of Environmental Studies. His research interest is the ecology of mountain areas, looking at the interaction of organisms with their environment, focusing on classical environmental variables such as soil, rocks, and minerals as well as surrounding water sources and the local atmosphere. ”

    Doesn’t sound qualified to make such reports. Sounds like he is linked in to Al Gore’s crowd and his applying those theories into his geographical expertise. The reporter here probably took everything this guy had to say as fact, when he probably hypothesizes most of it in his report. Nothing like reporters wearing their “science hat” to really scare people.

  2. JC Says:

    This carefully ignores the latest US satellite figures showing temperatures having fallen since 1998, declining in 2007 to a 1983 level – not to mention the newly revised figures for US surface temperatures showing that the 1930s had four of the 10 warmest years of the past century, with the hottest year of all being not 1998, as was previously claimed, but 1934..

  3. uncommonscolds Says:

    Thanks for the response, JC.

    I’m intrigued by your use of the word “carefully.” Am I correct in reading this to mean that you believe that climate scientists work in the same fashion as creationists, i.e. they know the answer, so it’s just a matter of adapting the data to match it?


  4. uncommonscolds Says:

    i’m soooo glad to have an outside voice here! It gives me reason to research. A quite cursory Google search turned up this from 1998:

    Here’s the beginning of “Falling satellites, rising temperatures?” by Dian J. Gaffen:

    Satellite-based estimates of trends in atmospheric temperature have
    disagreed with estimates derived from other measurements. By taking
    into account declines in the orbital height of satellites, re-examination of
    those satellite data yields results that are in better accord with independent evidence of global warming.

    The URL for this is

    Now off to EBSCO. Tally ho!


  5. uncommonscolds Says:

    Looks like the main journal here is _Remote Sensing of Environment_. So far, one article looks promising:

    Hall, Dorothy K., et al. “Comparison of satellite-derived and in-situ observations of ice and snow surface temperatures over Greenland.” Remote Sensing of Environment 112.10 (2008): 3739-49.

    The entry has only the abstract, but it looks to be informative on the methods of correlation.

    And on the visible Web, here’s a remote sensing tutorial:

    Looks like I’ll be reading for a while.


  6. uncommonscolds Says:

    Still reading, but here’s a more detailed explanation of the issue brought up by JC: “Is the earth getting warmer, or cooler?: A tale of two thermometers”

    And here’s a blog entry with substantial detail: “A Cooler Year on a Warming Planet”

    A pertinent paragraph says, “Some statistics specialists have taken issue with some of the Goddard Institute’s methods, but the differences between NASA’s findings and those of the independent British group are ‘very small,’ said David Parker of the Hadley Center in an email.”

    So far, there’s nothing I’ve seen in peer-reviewed journals to indicate scientists are in an uproar about data being consciously manipulated towards some specific end.


  7. uncommonscolds Says:

    Good discussion of problems with satellite measurements from _AMERICAN METEOROLOGICAL SOCIETY_ October 2005:

    Lessons from Upper-Air Temperature Records”

    (Spoiler: They recommend a minimum of three independent datasets “in order to get a handle on the magnitude of likely structural uncertainty.”)


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