Global Cooling — What Oughta Be

On the right, on our list of recommended books, is the title Plows, Plagues, and Petroleum. Nice little primer on how several factors create climate cycles that affect the earth. And quite thought provoking in a presentation of the reasons why we aren’t going into the global cooling cycle that the history of the earth suggests we should be going into.

And now a study from U Wisc-Madison lends support to the thesis presented in this book. I won’t tell you more. I know you won’t want a spoiler. Read about the report. Read the book.

What oughta be and what is. Oh well.



3 Responses to “Global Cooling — What Oughta Be”

  1. uncommonscolds Says:

    Here’s another report:

    “Did Early Global Warming Divert A New Glacial Age?”


  2. Paul Mason Says:

    Apparently global cooling is well underway. What does that portend for rainfall in the San Francisco Bay Area and the Central Valley?

    Does anybody have a model of that?


    Paul the farmer

  3. uncommonscolds Says:

    >Apparently global cooling is well underway.

    Uh, I haven’t seen any mention of global cooling being “well underway” in any peer-reviewed journal, so I don’t know where you might find any models.


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