News Flash! Virginity Pledgers Demand Do-Overs

OK, I’m stretching the news here.

However, a disturbing study published in the journal Pediatrics details how the sexual behavior of teenagers who vowed to preserve their virginity differs from other teenagers in only a couple of significant ways. Not good ways either.

You can find articles on the study here and here and all over the news.

They all report basically the same thing. Here’s the WebMD line:

Teenagers who take virginity pledges are no less sexually active than other teens.

But, of course, pledgers were less likely to use birth control measures. You know, if you, like, don’t, uh, PLAN it or anything, it doesn’t, uh, like, count.

What got me though was that by the end of this five year study 82 percent of the teenagers who’d pledged to abstain now said they’d NEVER taken any such oath.

I know we live in a do-over, reset, replay, reboot society, but this troubles me greatly. What is going on here? Moral relativism caused by hormone overload? Thirty second memory storage?

I’m actually betting on lack of long term memory. And THAT scares me.

As an afterthought, I wonder how many of those who didn’t pledge remembered they didn’t. The articles don’t mention that info. Might be nice for comparison.



2 Responses to “News Flash! Virginity Pledgers Demand Do-Overs”

  1. Sybil Says:

    Judging from what I’ve seen in the classroom, I’m voting for the long term memory problem. I do wonder whether that 82% includes males, or is strictly the hymen set.

    On the other hand, their parents got exactly what they had planned. Abstinence programs aren’t designed to stop sex, they merely punish the dirty sluts who have it.

    Religions exist to control the uterus.

  2. Cassandra Says:

    More detail from _US News and World Report_ on this study:

    Previous research found that those who take virginity pledges are more likely to wait to have sex than those who don’t take such pledges. But this study used a different statistical method from earlier studies, which allowed researchers to compare pledge takers with non-pledge takers who were likely to delay having sex; it also didn’t cover teens who weren’t likely to take virginity pledges, HealthDay reports.

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