Between the Lines

Here’s the last paragraph from yesterday’s column by economist Nouriel Roubini aka Dr. Doom:

So 2009 will be a painful year of global recession and further financial stresses, losses, and bankruptcies. Only aggressive, coordinated, and effective policy actions by advanced and emerging-market countries can ensure that the global economy recovers in 2010, rather than entering a more protracted period of economic stagnation.

This, I guess, is a way for Rounini, who’s been sounding rather unusually cheerful of late, to continue to sound faintly optimistic while leaving little doubt that we’re screwed for anyone who knows ANYTHING about human nature and ANYTHING about governments.

Aggressive we can do. Coordinated, not so much. Effective?

So, what odds do you give humanity of suddenly working in concert? Would the odds be something like our national debt to one?

Buy seeds now and start a garden this spring.



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