To Blog or Not to Blog

Even though this blog isn’t intended for a large audience, I do often feel guilty about adding to the clutter. Too many write and too few say anything.

And now I’ve just stumbled across some comments on the subject by journalism prof Charles Seife. In “Malthusian Information Famine,” he notes that we’ve now reached the point where we could, were we so compelled, record, well, too much. “For millennia,” he says, “we were starving for information to act as raw material for ideas. Now, we are about to have a surfeit. . . . We are at the brink of a colossal change: our knowledge is now being limited not only by our ability to gather information and to remember it, but also by our wisdom about when to ignore information—and when to forget.”

I belong to the camp that believes constraints encourage creativity and mental vigor. So here I am in a place where I can type anything I want.

Oh well.



One Response to “To Blog or Not to Blog”

  1. scotthhendricks Says:

    That old cliche “Truth is stranger than fiction” rears its ugly head. In the era with which we live this hasn’t been more true. With every reading of the newspapers, every video recorder who captures a snippet of life on U-Tube, it is getting more and more difficult differentiating truth from fiction and the border become blurrier by the day. It is good that you posted what you did, to remind us of the importance of being truthful to our writing. If we fin it necessary to record fact, we must insure that we do our homework or we become part of the problem and not part of the solution.

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