Handbasket Report–Climate Changes–People Don’t

Yesterday, I clicked on “Global Warming ‘Irreversible’ for Next 1000 Years: study,” read the first paragraph, and felt a wave of sadness:

Climate change is “largely irreversible” for the next 1,000 years even if carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions could be abruptly halted, according to a new study led by the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

Since NOAA is not exactly a flaky organization, this did not strike me as good news. But, how having scanned several conservative blogs, I find that some are still scoffing, even rejoicing.

I read several comments about how this was a good thing because now the “wingnuts” had no reason to try to destroy American capitalism. I read several who commented about the ridiculousness of the news article because global warming had been so thoroughly debunked (no mention of by whom). There was much climate/weather confusion, mutterings about how ridiculous the idea of warming was because there was X inches of ice and snow outside right now.

I can’t really say this surprises me. If memory serves, something like a quarter of our populace thinks the sun revolves around the earth. So how can one expect them to know what this news means for the future of humanity?

The depressing fact is that few Americans are scientifically literate. There is perhaps a slim possibility of changing that.

However, having read these blogs, I figure the statistics on kindness and good sense are undoubtedly even lower. What I was reading on those blogs told me that most of these bloggers dismissed scientific evidence as hocus-pocus and were more worried about current politics than they were about their children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.

We might be able to blunt the force of ignorance, but I doubt that anything can stop our inherent and ruthlessly aggressive self-centeredness.

God bless.

The lack of an object for the above sentence was quite intentional.



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