Handbasket Report–One If by Land, Two If–

The Baltic Dry is actually up a bit. But, never fear, there’s more bad news. This time it’s air transport.

Cargo Plummets 22.6% in December

This story was the lead on the excellent blog Calculated Risk this morning.



One Response to “Handbasket Report–One If by Land, Two If–”

  1. Sybil Says:

    Calculated Risk blogger(s) MP and Conjure Bag of the Bond Crash Clock fame have issued the following statement:

    “This may sound a bit ridiculous, but we think we have begun a full-blown bear market in fixed income,” wrote Tom Fitzpatrick, Citigroup’s New York-based chief technical analyst, and London-based strategist Shyam Devani.”

    Conjure and I don’t think it’s ridiculous.

    The time is now–



    This will be our last comment for the foreseeable future. The demands on our time no longer allow the luxury of public discussion. We now know that a depression–an extended period of both negative and weak economic growth– is upon us.

    Conjure and I think that we’ve contributed some things to this discussion and would like to review some specifics. We do so in order that you–particularly the more recently arrived participants here–can judge the credibility of our current predictions: global depression and bond market crash.

    -Predicted the failure of the Bear Stearns hedge funds.
    -Predicted the failure of Bear Stearns, much to the chagrin of banker.
    -Predicted the failure of the Blackstone IPO.
    -Predicted the failure of the Chrysler buyout.
    -Predicted the global financial meltdown.
    -Predicted the end of the last bull market.

    All of this was not the result of a ouija board, but some very hard work.

    Conjure and I may drop by occasionally to see how all of you are doing. We’ve learned a lot here, particularly from CR and dear Tanta, may she rest in peace.

    The very best to all of you.

    http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/ne…NmVw& refer=home
    mp | 01.29.09 – 7:14 pm | #


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