Fair and Unweighted

It’s well known that American school children lag in math skills.

But could this help explain why many deny climate change?

Here’s the line from “Global Warming Is Not Our Fault … It’s Nature” that got me thinking: “[F]ar from having their views suppressed, [climate change] sceptics have been given too much exposure.”

From what I can see, the number of truly knowledgeable sceptics is tiny. In fact, I haven’t run across a peer-reviewed study that said anthropogenic climate change wasn’t happening for a long time now.

But somehow a lot of people still think there’s a heated and equal or nearly equal debate going on.

Then I remembered some guy who’d just bought a lottery ticket being asked what he thought his chances were of winning. He said, “Fifty-fifty. Either I win or I don’t.”

Lousy math skills! That’s it!

Of course, other reasons may apply.



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