The Sea, The Sea (cough)

The news was rolling along downhill as usual:

“Global Warming Seen Worse Than Predicted”

Oh, I was shocked, shocked.

“GM to Offer Two Choices: Bankruptcy or More Aid”

I vote for bankruptcy. I’ve never been much in favor of life support for terminal patients.

But then I hit this:

“Beaches May Harbor Staph Bacteria: U.S. Study”

[Researchers] said people who swim in subtropical marine waters have a 37 percent higher risk of being exposed to staph bacteria, including an antibiotic resistant staph known as Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, or MRSA.

The article suggests that a few simple precautions will keep us safe though. Shower before a dip, then shower after. Not a bad idea, of course. But the last line from Dr. Lisa Plano of the University of Miami caused my eyes to widen:

“If you don’t go into the water with a gaping wound, you should be fine.”

What?! So people will miss all the fun of having salt water hit their gaping wounds. Is their no joy left anywhere in the world?



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