Climate Change–In the Journals

During my usual weekly perusal of climate change articles–peer-reviewed only–in the Academic Search Premier database, I spotted this article: “The Denial Machine” by Rick Piltz. It was published in the Index on Censorship 23.4 (2007): 72-81. I had only a brief abstract on the database, so I went to Google and found this site:

The Denial Machine

It’s worth a look.

By the way, I limited my search from Oct. 2008 to Feb. 2009 and got 1625 results. So far, I haven’t found any of those “hundreds” that are supposed to debunk global warming and zilch on anything smacking of global cooling, but I still have several hundred results to wade through. Much more on Australia than I’ve seen before. Interesting. If I find anything supporting either denier or cooling claims, I’ll definitely post about it, but at this point, the odds aren’t looking good for either.



One Response to “Climate Change–In the Journals”

  1. Rick Piltz Says:

    My article for Index on Censorship is actually not posted online. A link to that issue of the journal is here:
    The “Denial Machine” piece you linked to is an online excerpt from an interview I did for a program on Canadian TV’s “fifth estate” investigative public affairs program, which aired in 2006, was also about the global warming disinformation campaign, and which picked up on my use of the term Denial Machine for their title.
    Rick Piltz
    Director, Climate Science Watch

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