Watch This!

August 9, 2008 interview with William R. Catton, Jr. author of Overshoot.

It’s nearly 50 minutes long. Get comfortable.


5 Responses to “Watch This!”

  1. tonyisnt Says:

    Good find. I found him to be possibly the best interviewee in What a Way to Go: Life at the End of Empire.

  2. Sybil Says:


    Could you bear to watch the entire video? We started it with the best of hopes, turned to copious amounts of wine, and ended by turning it off unfinished and using electroshock therapy to kill any dendrites that tried to connect the memory.

    I have no complaints about Catton.

  3. tonyisnt Says:

    Did I watch all of the video posted, or of What a Way to Go? Anyway, I watched all of each. I like watching lectures and the like, so the length and bore factors don’t usually affect me much. Maybe you mean it was too depressing?

    Sorry for the late response.

  4. uncommonscolds Says:

    Sybil’s comment was directed to What a Way to Go. Neither of us made it through it the DVD. It wasn’t that we found it depressing. We were expecting it to be MORE depressing because we expected more scientific rigor, more opinion from experts, fewer opinions from people with no scientific background. Maybe we’ve just read too much on the topic, but, in any event, the content of WaWTG struck us as diffuse and not particularly informative.

    In short, I guess I’d expected WaWTG to be more like the Catton interview.


  5. tonyisnt Says:

    That makes sense. I didn’t find it particularly informative, either, but I think for people who are uninitiated with collapsism, primitivism, anti-civism, or any tamed-down versions of any it is a pretty good wrap-up. I’ve seen it compared to An Inconvenient Truth, and I can definitely tell where people are coming from with that: not very scientific but pretty good at showing how and why from a broad perspective.

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