Carbon Dioxide Is Us

This afternoon, I saw an SUV in the grocery parking lot. It had this bumper sticker: Drill Here, Drill Now, Pay Less.

I thought the addition of Screw Your Grandchildren–or maybe Screw Your Kids–would have been the logical end line.

Wasn’t there, of course.

But then, concern for the future isn’t a big issue for many. Neither is logic or linguistic precision.

So, since I’m currently irritated by the appalling confusion between weather and climate amongst climate change skeptics, here’s a link that might be helpful: “Current Carbon Dioxide Levels.”

Want to know more about what carbon dioxide level climate change means for us humans? Want to know if we should panic or not? Read Peter Ward’s Under a Green Sky.

Rate of change is the key here. I’m starting to have trouble sleeping, and it ‘s not because of the economic situation.

The bright spot there is that as the global economy collapses we’re probably slowing the carbon dioxide rise.

Until, of course, we reach the point where we need to burn everything in sight to stay warm, which, for many of us, could come sooner rather than later.



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