Live for Today? No, Live for This Minute!

At least a couple of polls have come out in the last few days that indicate the American public is not fretting about the climate. Here are some snippets from a Business Insider article titled “Americans Couldn’t Care Less About Global Warming.”

* 75% supported the expansion of off shore drilling for oil and natural gas off the U.S. coast.

Is this because most Americans still think of oil and gas “production” instead of “extraction”?

* 61% supported the building of more nuclear power plants.

How many of us know how long–minimum–it’d take to bring online new nuclear plants?

* 57% supported drilling for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

How many of us know of the 1940s study that indicated that 60% of the American public is “ineducable”?

* Only 33%, however, supported increasing taxes on gasoline by 25 cents per gallon and returning the revenues to taxpayers by reducing the federal income tax.

See question above.

On the other hand, there was this:

80% said the government should regulate carbon dioxide as a pollutant

That’s something, I suppose. Of course, how many of us know the difference between carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide?



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