“The Big Takeover”

For quite a while now, I’ve been avoiding commenting on the economy–world, country, family.

From my lack of email, I’m guessing I’m not alone in my quiet turmoil. When I do hear from someone, it’s usually bad news. For example, another friend lost her job today. Other suddenly silent friends are in various stages of despair, frantic life reorganization, or outright financial disaster.

So far, I’m just planning a larger garden and wondering if I’ll have a job next year.

So I’m still not up to saying much about what’s going on, except perhaps to note that today’s huge stock market up has been predicted in the financial blogs for many months. The usual term to describe this event: the March sucker rally.

“The Big Takeover,” a Rolling Stone article. pretty much captures what’s been happening.

This mess has been coming for a long time. In his 2006 book American Theocracy Kevin Phillips pretty much explained what was going to happen. I had just hoped the fan would remain unhit for a few more years.

Oh well.



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