Walking in the Shoes of Others

I’m not too good at getting into the heads of certain types of ideologues, but I’ll give it a try with these two stories straight off Google News.

“An Antarctic Ice Shelf Has Disappeared: Scientists”

Those treacherous, global warming “advocate” scientists have no doubt stolen it! Well, they might be hiding it, but it’s undoubtedly getting LARGER by the minute because of GLOBAL COOLING!

Free that iceberg, Scientists! Save yourselves before you find yourselves encased and frozen solid.

“Sarah Palin’s Sister-in-Law Arrested for Burglary”

Well, that story’s from People magazine. What do you expect? That rag doesn’t honor American values.

Umm, OK. The version of the story in the Anchorage Daily News is pretty much the same. I hadn’t realized that this newspaper was run by wingnut liberals out to destroy everyone related to the wonderful Palin family.

But notice that this poor woman brought her daughter with her. Good family values are important.

Whew. I can’t get these shoes off fast enough.



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