Will Be on Thin Ice

Here’s a bit from “New Data Show Rapid Arctic Ice Decline” published in the Washington Post, which publishes George Will’s columns.

The new evidence — including satellite data showing that the average multiyear wintertime sea ice cover in the Arctic in 2005 and 2006 was nine feet thick, a significant decline from the 1980s — contradicts data cited in widely circulated reports by Washington Post columnist George F. Will that sea ice in the Arctic has not significantly declined since 1979.

Scientists have begun debating how soon the Arctic will lose its summer ice altogether, with some saying it could happen as early as 2015. White House science adviser John P. Holdren told the crowd at the State Department that the total disappearance of sea ice in the Arctic “may be far, far closer” than scientists thought just a few years ago.

Boy, I’m glad we have conservative political pundits like George Will to tell us the state of the environment. I’d hate to have to rely on scientists and people like that.

I mean, like, uh, scientists keep doing all these, um, tests and stuff, and then they give us scary measurements and stuff. But we don’t have to believe any of it because we all know they tend to be liberal. I’m so glad we have conservatives who are RIGHT. Period.

Can anyone tell I’m finally reaching the point that my compatriot Sybil, a scientist, reached a long time ago? She’s been asking me for months how I can continue reading all the drivel put out by those without a science background.

I’m no longer sure I have an answer other than “masochism.”



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