101ers Redux?

The subprime foreclosures are producing new events, some I expected, some I didn’t. For example, there are all sorts of stories floating around about the inevitable vandalizing of derelict homes and theft of copper pipes, sinks, toilets, and such.

But some stories disturb me even more. I didn’t save the link, but I read about one woman who fell into delinquency on a rental home she’d owned for several years. She notified her tenants and they moved out. The empty home was then vandalized and is no longer habitable. Now the city is after her to fix up the derelict house because the mortgage holder never shifted the house into their name(s).

When I told him of this, my attorney husband shook his head and muttered about warning clients not to move out until the sheriff was at the door.

But the eviction aspect is only half. I’d expected some squatting to occur, but now I’m reading about organized squatting:

“With Advocates’ Help, Squatters Call Foreclosures Home”

Why am I suddenly thinking about the late Joe Strummer and the 101ers?

Oh, yeah, that’s right–the 101ers were squatters.



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