Handbasket Report — Baltic Dry Index

It’s been quite some time since I checked into the Baltic Dry Index, the guide to how bulk shipping contracts are going. So I searched for news.

You’ll be glad to know that the global economy is recovering nicely. Everything is going to be OK.

Just kidding. Here’re some of the headlines and stories I found when I Googled “Baltic Dry Index 2010.”
“Baltic Dry Index Collapses Signal Further Worldwide Economic Weakness In 2010”

That comes from a site called: Before It’s News

I wasn’t familiar with this site, so I immediately sought other sources to cross-reference.

Here’s what I found on India’s Business Line:
“BDI in Choppy Waters”

This site is great. It includes history of the BDI as well as a forecast, in this case “bearish.”

Some reporters explained the downtrend as due to the Chinese New Year, but just sort of mumbled stuff about how the global economy ain’t what it used to be, mentioning Greece, the extra time many ships were now taking around the Horn to avoid the Somali pirates, and so forth.

Want an overview of the index? Here’s a nice one from AdvisorAnalyst.com:
Baltic Dry Index 2005-Present

Finally, here’s a nice comparison of the Greek Stock Market and the Baltic Dry Index from Trader’s Narrative.

Yup. Everything’s just fine now.

View the full BALDRY chart at Wikinvest

Have a nice day.



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