The Archdruid Report

Recently I’ve read and heard much daft doo-da on matters of confirmed, established science, which, I must note, is not even close to the same as “sound science,” a propaganda method which appeals to those with even less knowledge of the actual scientific method than I have. In consequence, I refer my readers to the blog of John Michael Greer. Recently, he’s posted several erudite yet clear explanations of the laws of thermodynamics and how they pertain to the collapse of industrial society.

Here’s the one from February 24, 2010: “Energy Follows Its Bliss.”

Greer is unusual in that he’s equally competent writing about science and the humanities. I’ve followed his blog with increasing respect for well over a year now because his writing shows clear support and careful contextualization. Furthermore, he’s about as from being an ideologue as anyone can be.

Here are just a couple other of my favorite posts:

November 25, 2009 — “A Gesture from the Invisible Hand”

February 3, 2010 — “Endgame”

In this last one, Greer’s tone changed and I felt a chill.

Greer’s posts are also available on Energy Bulletin

And now I’m off to finish his latest post, “An Exergy Crisis.”

He’s already dealing with an often overlooked point in the matter of climate change.



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