Daily Scold–The Farm Report

Scientific American‘s April 4, 2010 podcasts include this one: “How Will Climate Change Impact Bread?”

According to this podcast, it already has. Farmers in Montana are now planing crops 10 days earlier than they did in 1950. As a gardener living south of Montana, I can confirm success with earlier planting myself.

In fact, I’m hearing of earlier “last frost” dates from every gardener and farmer I know from coast to coast. Yes, these folks are providing merely anecdotal evidence, but these farmers and gardeners have no political agenda, at least about their planting dates, so, to me, their observations carry considerable weight. Some on the east coast are now planting two weeks earlier than they did a couple of decades ago.

Scientific studies on this are around for those who don’t believe those in the field, so to speak.

Let’s hope the plant geneticists can keep up.



One Response to “Daily Scold–The Farm Report”

  1. babz Says:

    Montana’s rivers provide water for 3 oceans and for 3 of the North American continent’s major river basin. It’s been in drought for 10 years now. and to add another point, ranchers have started calving in early February instead of waiting for spring.

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