And Now for Something Completely Different

Once again, the Spring Emergency is upon me, so, instead of perusing headlines and fretting about the world, I’m weeding, hauling, and planting. The peas, lettuce, spinach, shallots, and onions are in.

The duck house and yard are under construction and the Welsh Harlequin ducklings should arrive in a couple of weeks.

Post-industrialism in practice. It makes for sound sleep.



6 Responses to “And Now for Something Completely Different”

  1. Babz Says:

    You never did tell me what a duck house is. I still don’t understand why ducks need a house! Hmmmmm. Guess what- my 20 yr high school reunion is in July. I am not going, of course, to see my old tormentors, but it is really weird. I am in Sprong emergency too. one whole month early, to get my flowers and food planted.

  2. uncommonscolds Says:

    The duck house is necessary because ducks don’t roost. They are indeed sitting ducks at night. Hence, the need for a duck house. We are building a duck yard too, a veritable duck SuperMax, only with the intention of keeping out predators out rather than in, of course.

    As to our duck house, it’s modeled off this one:

    Looks like I might be replanting my garden. Rain began last night and has yet to stop. Standing water everywhere.


  3. Mark Hadley Says:


    I’d be interested to see your verion of our Duck House, maybe you could point out anything you would have done differently to make your life easier i.e. cleaning etc.


  4. Mark Says:

    Hi Cassandra,

    nice job and your weather looks ace !


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