Not Your Typical Financial Guru

One of my favorite financial commentators is Jeremy Grantham of GMO.

GMO mutual funds are relatively little known because they are aimed at institutions and the ueber-rich, as in requiring millions–plural–to get in.  I discovered Grantham a few years ago when I stumbled across his rant about ethanol being a total scam.  I don’t feel like searching for that gem right now, but here’s a good 2007 overview article from The Street:

“Cheney’s Fund Manager Attacks … Cheney”

Aside from showing up in interviews and authoring general articles, Grantham also gives free access to his company newsletters. Users do have to sign up and log in, but, hey, here’s a sample of his advice from his January 2007 quarterly newsletter, this one titled “Goldilocks Rules: Or Safe As a House in 2007”:

See why I like Grantham?

And what’s not to like about a financial heavy-hitter who donates not only to the London School of Economics but who founds the Grantham Institute for Climate Change at London’s Imperial College as well?

Lastly, Grantham has a lingering, spiffy accent as well. The Financial Times has an April 2010 interview with him “On Bubbles.”



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