Accidental Fun

While looking for inflation information, I stumbled upon Smugopedia.

I know people who drop lines like these.

OK, I’ve been known to drop lines like these too. What can I say? I have a head stuffed with obscure trivia and a desire to share.

But I also fact check, and checking the veracity of a few of the Smugopedia lines–the ones I checked were either true or at least arguable commentary, but I’m not going to tell you which ones I checked–led me to this site:

I liked the Descart–oon.



2 Responses to “Accidental Fun”

  1. babz Says:

    wow i didn’t get some of that, but some I did. Some funny funny, some sad sad. You are SO ODD. I love you and I miss you in my adult hood. What would you say is the actual intellectual cusp of being an adult. ? You know I was an eternal late “bloomer”….

  2. uncommonscolds Says:

    Why Babz, thank you!

    Yup, I’m odd. Thank goodness. I treasure my X status (to use Paul Fussell’s term for the odd ducks of America), and I’m proud to say that I didn’t work at achieving it. Instead, I just let myself be me and accepted that I was never going to be prom queen.

    You ask a good question as to the “intellectual cusp of being an adult.” Unfortunately, IMO, only a few Americans ever reach adulthood. It’s just not something promoted by our culture. Instead, Americans are encouraged by corporate interests to want, want, want, to feel hungry for something all the time. The baby wailing for the breast is the model.

    In America, you can’t be too thin or too hungry. What you are expected to avoid in calories, you are expected to gobble in the form of material goodies.

    Those few of us who avoid the conformist, buy-something ethos and become ourselves instead tend to be odd ducks. And hence the old term, lucky duck.


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