“Six Word Story”

Many a creative writing class instructor challenges students to write the briefest of stories. A ten word limit is pretty standard. Like haiku, it’s a fast way to let students teach themselves the power of the economy. Hemingway’s is well known, if not entirely verifiable:

For sale. Baby shoes. Never used.

If Hemingway didn’t write that, he should have. It’s masterful.

But I like John Cory’s six word story better than Hemingway’s.

Here’s Cory’s:

For sale – By owner – American Dream.

Like Cory, I blame us for our problems. It’s not just the President. It’s not just the Congress. It’s not just the corporations. It’s not just the bankers. It’s not just fill-in-the-blank. We let all that’s wrong with this country happen.

We bought into dogma and propaganda, embracing fear and greed rather than courage and moderation. We internalized a childish sense of privilege instead of shouldering adult responsibility. We failed to adapt the Dream when circumstances changed. We failed to recognize the dangers of the Dream. We failed.

What scares me is that buyers are out there. The glorious Dream may still bring too high a price.

I’m going to go weed my garden.

Till earth, plant seeds, pull weeds, harvest, live.

That’s the best I can do in ten seconds.



3 Responses to ““Six Word Story””

  1. babz Says:

    Broke. Broke up. House burnt. Sad.
    Is that a good six word story?

  2. babz Says:

    I lost my temper today, feel bad. stressful day. I hate wind. tornadoes coming your way. be cautious.

  3. uncommonscolds Says:


    Yes, you six words tell a story, quite a powerful one too.

    As to wind, we’ve had pretty much constant wind for a couple of weeks now. No one pushing a shovel into our ground would know we recently had two and a half inches of rain. The grass is green, but we now need rain again. Soon.

    Wind. Bad.

    Two word opinion on the weather.


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