Fox in the __House: Fill in the Blank

So what comes to mind when you hear “Fox in the ___ House”? The standard cliche adds “hen house.” Unfortunately, instead of finishing the cliche about a cute and rapacious furry predator invading the farmyard, more and more people are now responding “White House.”

Of course, like many, I now view Fox as the news rather than as a source of news. This view is, of course, not news, but, in any event, an old cliche is getting a rebirth. I wish George Orwell were alive to see the morphing of meanings and twists and turns in the political world. For example, I’m sure he’d enjoy some of the recent remarks about Fox News.

Here are a few lines from Paul Krugman’s observations of 3 October 2010 titled “Fear and Favor”:

As the Republican political analyst David Frum put it, “Republicans originally thought that Fox worked for us, and now we are discovering we work for Fox” — literally, in the case of all those non-Mitt-Romney presidential hopefuls. It was days later, by the way, that Mr. Frum was fired by the American Enterprise Institute. Conservatives criticize Fox at their peril.

So the Ministry of Propaganda has, in effect, seized control of the Politburo. What are the implications?

Good observation. Good question.

But I worry about the cliche. Hen house or White House? Does a substitution change the cliche?



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