America, Land of the Free–from Content, Context, and Caring

The short Reuters article “Most Americans Lack Basic Knowledge of Climate Issues, Study Finds” struck me as totally unsurprising.

How many Americans know how many parts per million of carbon dioxide are in our atmosphere right now?

——If, like most people, you don’t know, you can find the answer here:

I keep hearing “skeptical” Americans parrot this litany: “Carbon dioxide is a harmless, colorless gas, a necessary part of our atmosphere.”

While this is certainly true, I wonder if those who say this would be willing to enter a chamber where the carbon dioxide level was, say, six percent.

What would happen to those who entered?

—–The answer is here.

And I am NOT suggesting that we are in danger of reaching this concentration in the atmosphere. I am just trying to make a point about the general ignorance of the American public. What bothers me is not so much what Americans do not know, it’s that all too many among us do not CARE that they do not know and/or think they do know when they don’t.

I wonder how many will read this post, not know the answers, and leave without clicking the links.

Ignorance is curable, but one has to seek–or at least accept–treatment.



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