EXTRA, EXTRA: Olbermann Revealed As Democratic Donor, Suspended!

MSNBC suspended Keith Olbermann without pay for donating money to three Democratic candidates.

Can you imagine that breach of impartiality? Can you imagine the feeling of betrayal all his fans are feeling right now. Why who would have known this commentator, a man known for keeping his political commentary bland and impartial, was active in politics? Worse yet, he turns out to be–I hesitate to mention the distasteful word–a–a–LIBERAL!

I’m close to hyperventilating over the idiocy of all this.

In case you’ve been living in a cave, here’s one of many stories covering MSNBC’s suspension of Olbermann for participating in American politics: “Keith Olbermann of MSNBC Suspended over Donations”

And here’s the email I just sent to Phil Griffin of MSNBC:

Dear Sir:

Keith Olbermann donated money to democratic candidates? I’m shocked, shocked!

OK. I realize Keith Olbermann broke a rule, albeit a dubious one, and he should have some penalty to pay, but suspension? What about the fundamental American principle MSNBC broke when it deprived an American of his/her right to participate in the electoral process? Corporations are people and can contribute unlimited funds, but not Keith Olbermann? Hello?

In any event, since your rule violates common sense and free speech, I will continue to watch MSNBC as often as I can. I will be noting all your sponsors and sending them snail mail complaints about my reaction to this suspension and suggesting they reconsider advertising on MSNBC. I will also mention that I will be boycotting their products until MSNBC comes to its senses.

Copies of this email will go out to everyone in my address book. With luck, this email will go viral and the money your sponsors lose will be considerable.

Join me in my little crusade, if you wish. Let MSNBC know your adjusting your buying habits in support of Olbermann.

Here’s the pertinent email address: phil.griffin@nbcuni.com

And do watch MSNBC. I’m off to turn on MSNBC and start making my list and checking it twice.

Damn, I’m mad. I usually watch Olbermann on Friday nights and now I get to focus on commercials.



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