“Uneven and Evolving”

Just when I think the ignorant-and-proud-of-it, anti-science bent so evident in the US can’t become any more egregious, it does.

Kevin Gosztola summarizes and comments on some of the latest manifestations in “Republican Plan for Climate Change: ‘God Will Save Us.’”

If we are to believe his words, John Shimkus (R-IL), like many Americans, shows little grasp of even the basic situation. For example, his theological and/or anthropocentric comment that “Man will not destroy this Earth” is true enough. What climate scientist ever claimed Man would destroy the Earth? I’ve certainly never heard such a claim.

As far as I can tell, climate change or no climate change, the planet will be fine, thank you very much. Whether or not large mammals–including man–will survive is another matter. In fact, climate change is only one element of our predations. If one examines the status of topsoil and water, it becomes clear that man is already doing a fine job of endangering if not outright destroying his own niche and the niches of other mammals. Given these incontrovertible facts, it strikes me that man has poorly exercised God’s gift of free will and God has shown little interest in protecting us from our own lack of ability to be good stewards of the planet.

More subtle than the evangelical Shimkus, climate skeptic Rep. Joe Barton (R-Texas) uses American ignorance of the scientific scholarship to his advantage. He warns, “Global warming science is uneven and evolving.” The naive and ignorant get a two-fer here. Science isn’t uniform, as it should be according to either/or thinkers. Strike one. And it evolves. Strike two.

I have to give Barton credit. That line is a fine example of misleading with a truthful, inflammatory statement. Of course, science is uneven and evolving. That’s the way science works.



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