The Bottom Line Heats up on Climate Change

Years ago, some businesses, such as insurance companies, quietly started working into their business plans the possible ramifications of climate change, but another group of businesspeople is openly avowing global warming and announcing this to their customers. What group? Nursery owners, the people who sell outdoor plants to the public.

Here’s an explanation from Raintree Nursery, which sells “Fruits, nuts, berries and unusual edible plants for the American backyard fruit grower!”:

Note of Explaination [sic] from Raintree Nursery: Every fifteen years the USDA puts out a new Hardiness Zone Map. In 2005 a new map was due out however it has not yet been published. The Arbor Day Foundation, a non-profit organization used the same weather data that the USDA uses to make their maps and made a new Hardiness Zone Map. They also made another map that shows the differences in zones over the past 15 years. You will notice that much of the nation has gotten one zone warmer. While this is good in a limited sense because some people can now grow plants in areas that were previously too cold, it is alarming as further evidence that global warming is a real and significant phenomenon.

My favorite map is the one on the Arbor Day Foundation site itself. Click Play and watch the 1990 map morph to the 2006 map. The menu on the left lets people download high resolution versions of this and a couple of other maps, including one for Alaska and Hawaii.

I found the morphing map fascinating and more than a little scary. A long-time gardener, I’ve noted the earlier arrival of spring as the years passed. Right now, it means I get to plant tomatoes earlier and still have a surviving hot pepper that I take in from the patio each night. However, after another few more USDA map cycles pass, it may mean my area will struggle to host cactus.

But their “explaination” reveals the Raintree Nursery Folks to be warmists, now doesn’t it? Why would you want to believe them or the USDA or climate scientists? If you know global warming is a hoax, show your faith with your choice of plants. It’s your garden. Buy a couple of zones colder than that nefarious USDA map suggests. You may well get away with it–once in a while; climate is not weather. Besides, you’ll also be supporting free enterprise. Nursery owners across the country will love you if you have to buy replacements.



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