Billionaire Troubletown

Troubletown: This Week\’s Billionaire Troubletown.

Great cartoon.

Part of me–the evil part–fantasizes about a cartoon mimicking those sites set up by some anti-abortionists. I can visualize it–photographs of fat cat CEOs, hedge fund managers, and mega-bankers, the photographs Photoshopped to show them in crosshairs. The less evil part of me would be happy with just mug shots and striped outfits with them holding ID cards with their yearly income.

I’m not that sort, of course, but it frustrates me when I read comments such as this one that appeared in the Atlanta Journal Constitution:

How are the rich responsible for destroying the economy? The economy was destroyed by people buying houses they could not afford and then not paying their mortgage.

Obviously, the plutocrats have done a fine job of convincing a good many to blame the victim.

Back to fantasizing about pitchforks and tar.



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