The Charting of the Economic Course

Bill McBride of Calculated Risk puts together some extremely clarifying graphs. I found today’s post “A Few for Graphs for 2010” well worth some time.

I hope those who keep telling me the recovery is on its way at least see this graph:

To see it larger, click here. But you don’t really have to do get the gist. Appropriately enough, the recession we are in is the one in bright red. You can’t miss it. It’s the biggest, the deepest, the one on the bottom.

Yet the merriment goes on. So far, the stock market chirps along without regard to trends in, say, shipping. Anyone interested in the Baltic Dry Index might want to click over to Seeking Alpha for “Baltic Dry Index: Indicator for Economy / S&P?” These waters may be murkier, but there be wails here too. Aaarg. Besides, this article also has some nifty graphs.



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