Dollars and Science

Sometimes current events are better than fiction.

From the Los Angeles Times newspaper: “Critics’ Review Unexpectedly Supports Scientific Consensus on Global Warming”

From the self-described “independent” magazine the Economist: “A Record-making Effort”

From the hardcore conservative FreeRepublic blogs: “Does Muller Deserve the Climate Blog Beatdown?” (Click the links for the really good stuff!)

From liberal economist Paul Krugman: “The Truth, Still Inconvenient”

From environmental journalist Andrew Revkin’s Dot Earrth blog “Republicans Get Inconvenient Replies at Climate Hearing”

In a hurry? There’s an overview from, which describes itself as “Clearing the PR Pollution that Clouds Climate Science.” (One guess whether they lean toward the dollars or the science.)

A purist? Here’s the study’s website: Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature

In fact, even if you are not a purist, I suggest you click the “About Us” link on the study’s site and then click “Donors.” Under their list is a short statement:

All donations were provided as unrestricted educational grants, which means the donor organizations have no say over how we conduct the research or what we publish.

Sometimes ya get what ya want. Sometimes ya get whatcha paid for.

Disclaimer: This blogger cannot stand the Koch brothers.



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