Newflash: War Costs MONEY!!

Named using good Orwellian word inversion, the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute actually studies wars around the globe and collects wads of statistics.

Here’s a tidbit from their publication “Recent Trends in Military Expenditure”

United States military spending remains exceptional worldwide, accounting for nearly 43 per cent of the global total. The US has also led the global surge in world military spending since 2001, increasing by 81 per cent compared to 32.5 per cent for the total for the ‘rest of the world’. At an estimated 4.8% of GDP in 2010, US military spending represents the highest ‘military burden’ of all counties for whom SIPRI has data outside the Middle East.

Well, now it’s obvious why we have to cut the salaries of those worthless teachers and firemen, isn’t it?


P.S. Paul Fussell once wrote that winning World War II may well have been the worst thing that ever happened to the United States. He said we came out of the war thinking that it was our destiny to be the world’s policeman.


One Response to “Newflash: War Costs MONEY!!”

  1. Diane Williams Says:

    Ahhh! Now I can see why we can’t get any medical system or higher education system in place. Let’s don’t talk about light rail travel, affordable housing, or alternative fuels. It is all so depressing!!

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