Where’s My Pitchfork?

If you are one of the few remaining middle class Americans, you may well feel your taxes are too high. They aren’t. They are actually quite low. The problem is that those who are making the big bucks have taxes that are MUCH LOWER.

For example, Robert Reich’s “The Great Switch by the Super Rich” pointed out a tidbit I’d missed:

Billionaire hedge-fund and private-equity managers are allowed to treat much of their incomes as capital gains (again, at 15 percent).

Some of these guys hauled in BILLIONS–and kept them.

Speaking of hauling in billions, how about Big Oil? Are they paying out hefty taxes? Nah. In fact–“Senate Rejects Bill to Cut Oil Tax Breaks”

Why haven’t the non-elite, those of us not in the ruling one percent–myself, for example–grabbed our pitchforks and axes and Uzis and cream pies and gone after the Super Rich?

We should. However, we are not only poor. We are also poorly organized and hence without power.

My pitchfork is resting against the side of the hay shed. But it’s raining. I’m going to go take a nap.



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