Once again, another has written a good post for me. “Liberal Bias Bullshit” covers a topic I know all too well, the supposed bias of college professors against conservatives.

It ain’t so. Some students are simply resistant to change. In teaching, I avoid expressing my opinions as much as possible and just try to teach people to change their minds when evidence piles up to indicate they are wrong. Over the years, I discovered how difficult this can be. In every class, I’ve found students, both self-described liberals and conservatives, who simply didn’t want to think, didn’t want to weigh evidence, didn’t want to change.

That said, more of those change-resistant students called themselves conservative. As the last presidential election showed, Liberals use “change” as a positive word in campaigns. Conservatives are more likely to talk about “tradition” and “fundamental values”–by which they often mean established values. For many, adherence to tradition of some sort is a central element of their conservatism. Religion. Class. Whatever. They are comfortable with the status quo and simply don’t want to change. It upsets them. They often fear it. They want to be reassured that they are already correct.

I say Question Authority. Question Everything. Even this.



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