_Live Science_

Until today, I thought Live Science was one of those eco-freak sites, but today I logged on and found this right-thinking slideshow article by Andrea Thompson:

Top 10 Craziest Environmental Ideas.”

Number 6 is “Keep Worms in the Kitchen.”

Finally, someone who recognizes that compost is CRAZY! It isn’t just those funny hats that make the Amish unusual. They COMPOST. Now that’s really wacky. Next time you visit Pennsylvania or thereabouts, don’t look for horse and buggies. Instead, go their farms and ask to see their worms! If you aren’t visiting Amish country, go to your nearest organic farm. Those folks are really zany. They compost too.

Composting is so weird, isn’t it? Everyone knows worms are icky and scraps smell. That’s why God made fossil fuels. That way we don’t have to use food scraps and manure to grow crops. Every real ‘Merkin knows that the proper place for food scraps is the garbage disposal. No stinky stuff belongs in our kitchens!

Number 7 is “Change Your Diet.”

How? By avoiding red meat. I know, I know. That’s downright un’Merkin! Red meat’s the only red that’s truly red-white-and-blue. Heart disease is as ‘Merkin as a Big Mac. It’s proof of our economic dominance in the world. But if you want to be environmentally wacky and thin and healthy, well, I guess it’s your right, but it’s gonna put you on a lot of watch lists.

Incidentally, as I was cruising through this site, I found a link to the “Craziest Environmental Ideas” show right above an article titled “Want to Save the Earth? Cut Out Meat.” Live Science also has articles such as “Red Meat a Ticket to Early Grave, Harvard Says” . Huh. Maybe some enviro-health nuts do work there. Put Live Science on a watch list.

Number 3 is “Live in Trash.”

Using recycled materials to build homes. Now that’s CRAZY. Real ‘Merkins want everything to be made of rare earths and old growth trees. We USE things; we don’t REuse things. Consumption. Mega-consumption. That’s the ‘Merkin way.

And Number 1, the craziest of all, is “Ban Plastic Bags and [Incandescent] Light Bulbs.”

China and Australia are doing this. Aussies, now that’s understandable. They have a reputation for being crazy, but the Chinese? Who would have thought the Chinese even had electricity–except in the factories where they make all the stuff they ship to us?

In looking around, I now see that, once again, Live Science has all sorts of articles on recycling plastic bags and saving money with compact light bulbs. This site is definitely suspicious. Read with care if you’re a true ‘Merkin!

Oh, I forget. Real ‘Merkins don’t read.

Cassandra–feeling a bit more bitter than usual


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