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Al Jazeera English: Fair and Balanced

28 August 2012

Over the years, most of the people I know have stopped listening to American news media.  We now live in what I call the era of American Pravda(s).  The irony is that in Russian, the word “pravda” means “truth.” We aren’t getting that much of that for the mainstream media, and many of us don’t notice.  Most of those living under the old Soviet rule laughed at the original Pravda because they understood what it printed was so obviously untrue.  Pravda was a fake, a sham, a shill newspaper, pumping out party propaganda.  Unfortunately, too many of us in America lack the critical thinking skills to tell the difference between truth, partial truth, and outright lies.  We are used to being sold STUFF, information included.  We buy prepackaged opinions as fact.

Given that, it might be worth a look at an outfit that still practices serious journalism: Al Jazeera English. Just the facts. No smearing. No obvious bias. They usually just present the range of opinions and let the audience do the thinking.  In fact, their reporters pump out thought-provoking presentations with astonishing regularity.  Researched.  In-depth. Actual reporting.

Here’s just one of their stories.  It covers the flashpoint topic of abortion in America.  Their presentation is well worth watching.


“How Not to Argue with Reality”

15 August 2012

Some Americans have a stunning tendency to demand that others believe their delusions. From what I can see, a good many on the right dislike multi-culturalism, but they insist on multi-factualism.

How Not to Argue with Reality.