Another Brick Falls from the Denial Wall

Insurance companies were, as far as I know, the first to recognize that the climate was changing and causing more claims for damage.  Now an iconic manufacturer is recognizing environmental problems:

“Big Company. Smaller Footprint.”

Big Company equals Big News, doesn’t it? Nope.  This story isn’t making big headlines. In fact, they released this document on October 4 and I just found it.  And I look daily.  As far as I can see, only a few have noticed this.

Why did Levi change its approach?  Reading this little article, it’s not hard to assume they, like the insurance companies, noticed significant changes.  Levi Strauss needs cotton and the water to grow cotton.  Climate change and population growth influence both.

So Levi Straus is turning several shades of Green.

It’s a lovely color.

Now the real question: Why isn’t this all over the news?  Is being environmentally correct now hopelessly politically incorrect?



2 Responses to “Another Brick Falls from the Denial Wall”

  1. klem Says:

    No, its just that the public is suffering from climate alarmist fatigue. They don’t want to hear anything about climate anymore. Nice work.

  2. Babz Says:

    That’s good…but it still kinda makes me sad to look at a new pair of Levis and see “made in China” -Babz-

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