And Sometimes I Get It Right

Surprise, surprise!  BP Gives Up On Cellulosic Ethanol In The U.S.

I remember back when BP was touting their ventures into U.S. non-corn ethanol. I thought, oh, right, THAT’ll work.

But then I am a Cassandra, and everyone seemed so optimistic about everything from switchgrass to algae.  The vote’s still out on the algae–I’m still seeing a big NO WAY–but everything I’ve read on the switchgrass and such projects have proven they work in theory but not in practice. That is, coming up with a lab experiment that shows possibilty does not mean it’s a feasible idea for mass production.

Want ethanol?  Move to Brazil.  They have great heaps of cane left over from the sugar harvest.  It makes great ethanol and they don’t have to devote special fields to it or build tanks or whatever.  They just pick up the waste stalks and make ethanol out if it. Big difference.



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